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Our Jump Start Program was designed for busy adults…. Just Like You!


  • Burn calories around the clock

  • Extremely Fun

  • Technique Driven

  • Strength Training

  • use your own body weight

  • Sleds & kettlebells

  • Medicine balls

  • Dumbbells

Keeping Training Fun and Challenging

Here’s What’s Included In Your Jump Start Program

Customized Group Training with Personal Training Attention.

Expert coaching and guidance to ensure safety and results!

Expert nutritional coaching with helpful grocery lists, guidelines, easy to follow tips, meal plans and more!

Support from other people like you- no one does this alone!

Don’t just take our word for it…

“The Jump Start Program was perfect for me. After being out of the gym for quite a while, I was intimidated to jump in with some of the athletes that work out at Undisputed. Going through the basics not only prepared me for CrossFit, but I found I could work at my own pace and everyone was extremely supportive in helping me reach my goals.”


“The best part about being a coach at CrossFit Joliet is giving our members the tools they need to be more confident within themselves, and see that continue in their everyday life. Our Beginner Jump Start Program is the perfect way for anyone to get started.”

Scott Sterr

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